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The winning team with OR staff Chad Cunningham, Ashley Sandoz, Dr. Tori and Dr. Eric Gengenbach and Dr. Shane Banks
The Final Four
pictured with Neil Hilton, PCHS CEO, Dr. Shane Banks, the First Insight Eyecare Team: Dr. Tori and Dr. Eric Gengenbach, the Frenchman Valley Coop Team: Talmor Van Rensburg and Jeffrey Matthe, and Jackie Urdahl, PCHS Foundation Administrator

PCHS Foundation

Operation Tournament

Congratulations to

Dr. Tori and Dr. Eric Gengenbach the tournament champions!

The final round was played on December 5th and it was a head to head match with First Insight Eyecare edging out Frenchman Valley Coop in the final rounds!

Thanks to all of our players, sponsors and donors to this exciting new event.

The proceeds from the event will be used to purchase a Neptune Wast Management System for the operating room at the hospital.

The Completed Bracket!
Congratulations to all the teams!

Sentencing, Probation, Charges

Medical Consultation

Current Funding Needs

Delivering and always improving the quality of patient-centered care at PCHS is a high priority.

That is why we are seeking funding to purchase several new pieces of equipment for the operating suite and general patient care. This equipment is essential to provide the highest quality of care possible while keeping the operating room safe and efficient and our patients and staff safe.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner